Advanced, High Speed Switching for Critical Loads

Our Zenith Automatic Transfers Switches are an essential part of any emergency or standby power system, quickly transferring loads from one power source to another source. With features such and integral metering, high level diagnostics, built-in outage reporting, and high-speed alarm capture, we go beyond switching, to ensure critical load uptime and operator safety.


A Welcome to continuous power,
nonstop innovation

With over 150 years’ combined experience in power switching technologies, Zenith and ABB are coming together to bring you nextgeneration Zenith automatic transfer switches with technology upgrades that take ATS performance to new heights.

The first two models in the new line, the Zenith ZTX and Zenith ZTG, are engineered to maximize system reliability, provide advanced data connectivity, and make installation and commissioning a whole lot easier. They stand ready to ensure power
security in a wide range of applications, from residential buildings and commercial facilities to industrial complexes.

Revolutionary design

Powered by ABB’s proven TruONETM ATS technology, Zenith automatic transfer switches incorporate switch and controller in one
seamless, self-contained unit, reducing the number of wires and connections, saving space in the enclosure, and minimizing the
potential for connection failures. Smart modular components reduce downtime and service costs.

Advanced connectivity

The Zenith ZTG features cloud-based connectivity through the ABB AbilityTM Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS), empowering users to make data-driven decisions to improve energy management, reduce maintenance, and more. Available market-leading modular plug-in communication with seven protocols ensures easy installation and connectivity now and far into the future.

Easy to install and commission

Both models feature an auto-configure function and a range of programming options, so start-up takes a matter of minutes, not hours, with no wiring or calibration work required.


The world’s first true ATS

The all-new TruONE® is the world’s first true purpose-built automatic transfer switch, engineered to incorporate switch and controller in one seamless unit.

Performance tested beyond standard requirements, TruONE® stands ready to ensure the steady delivery of critical power at all times. Its self-contained design reduces the number of wires and connections, which speeds installation and minimizes the potential for connection failures to ensure best-in-class reliability. Its predictive maintenance and modular components reduce downtime and service costs. And
its advanced connectivity is ready for the future. In addition, unlike typical ATS solutions, TruONE® allows emergency manual operation under load for immediate power restoration in the event of an equipment malfunction.

TruONE® represents a major shift in engineering and a critical breakthrough for critical power.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Install

Reduces installation time by up to 80%.
Why waste time piecing together an ATS from multiple components and as many as 20 connection wires, not to mention the time spent testing? TruONE® is the first automatic transfer switch to put it all together, including the controller with detachable HMI. It can be installed
with a single wire using standard enclosures.

Optimum Interface

Simplifies connectivity.
TruONE® features cloud-based connectivity through the ABB AbilityTM Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS). ABB Ability simplifies implementation and use of TruONE® in coordination with other ABB devices, ensuring one common user interface and one common
software environment. Market-leading modular connectivity with seven communication protocols
ensures easy installation and connectivity now and far into the future.

Safety and Protection

Reduces risk of operator injury.
TruONE® enables emergency manual operation
— even under load — without opening the panel door when the HMI is mounted to the ATS frame. The HMI can be detached from the frame for door mounting, offering more flexibility for the panel designer. Best of all, regardless of the HMI installation method, there’s no need for connecting dangerous line voltages to the door,
so the risk of operator injury due to equipment malfunction is reduced.

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